Ironman 70.3 Subic Bay Philippines

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A major sporting event is schedule to be held this coming March 8, 2015 in Subic. The Century Tuna IronMan 70.3 is sure to gather the top local and foreign triathletes.

Subic is becoming a favorite location for sporting events and this week's event will even add to the prestige of our favorite tourist destination.

Here is a caption of the event from their website:

Century Tuna IRONMAN 70.3 Subic Bay, Philippines is the newest race to be added to the growing Philippine triathlon scene. 

USD $15,000 prize money and 25 slots to the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship. After three years of supporting the 5i50, Century Tuna with its commitment to providing a healthy and fit lifestyle has agreed to partner with Sunrise Events for the newest IRONMAN 70.3 race in Asia more...

Extreme Sports in Subic and other Outdoor Activities

Subic also offers extreme sports and outdoor activities for those who crave for extra-ordinary and thrilling adventures. If you want to see the beauty of the place in different angle, Tree-Top Adventure is perfect to feed your hunger. Fly 100-feet above the ground and experience the breath taking view of Subic from the top.

            Want to come closer to nature? Pack up your tent and other camping gears with your friends for an exciting camping adventure at Jest Camp.  At Jest Camp, team building for company employees and even school organizations composed of medium to big number of members can learn a lot from the series of obstacle courses and the like that are all featured by this camp.  In fact, many of its clients choose this because of the suitable venue for many experiential activities. 

            If you are water sports enthusiast, there is no doubt that you will fall in love with the clear waters and inviting waves of Subic Sea. Play with waves while jet skiing, parasailing, kayaking and surfing. Explore the secret wonders lying on the sea beds. Visit Asia’s finest wreck diving sites and discover the overwhelming beauty under the ocean of Subic.

            Meanwhile, if you just seek to breathe some fresh air and enjoy the peace and quiet atmosphere of Subic, experience the relaxing view, hit some golf balls and score a par at Subic Bay Golf and Country Club. But if you miss the urban nightlife, well, you will never get bored at Subic. Casinos and bars make the place alive at night. Rock the dance floor and wish your luck on the gaming cards.

            After all the sweating adventures and fun, reward yourself with a relaxing and soothing ambience at Subic white-sand beach resorts and hotels. Among the famous resorts you can stay in are Camayan Beach Resorts, Baloy Beach Resorts, Blue Rock Resort, Mangroves Hotel and Ocean View Beach Resort. Spoil your tongue and taste Subic’s specialty dishes in world-class restaurants to complete the package of your Subic adventure.


Work. Home. Work. Home. Work. Home.

            Bit tired of your daily routine activities? Looking for some place to relax and unwind?  Escape the stressful and seemingly endless noise in the city and drive your way to the northern paradise of Subic! Just a two-hour drive from the metro, your dream of an out-of-town vacation is just right in your hand.

            Whether you crave for extreme adventures or yearning for some warm and relaxing atmosphere, Subic caters it all for you. Subic is one of the prosperous municipalities of Zambales. It a former US Navy Base transformed evidently to an enticing tourist destination for the local and foreign visitors.  It is the home of white-sand beaches, wonderful diving sites, well-maintained parks and forests, exciting outdoor activities, and very welcoming and hospitable residents you will sure love.

            What to expect?
            As you enter Subic, you will be welcomed by little monkey friends on the road.
            Since the local government has been able to preserve the forests, monkeys and other wild animals like bats and flying foxes are still abundant in their natural habitat. So, keep an eye on them and be sure to drive carefully and strictly observe speed limit.

            Monkeys on the road are just a glance on how rich Subic ecosystem is. Experience an Africa-like adventure in Zoobic Safari where you can have a closer encounter with more species. In Zoobic Safari, most of the animals, particularly the birds, are not enclosed in a cage. It is free to roam around the forest but since it is well and properly trained, it comes back to where it is left by its trainer. And what is wilder than having an up-close encounter with the tigers in the wild? Complete your Africa-like experience as you feed them while riding in a cab.

            But, of course, you surely don’t want to miss visiting the famous Subic’s Ocean Adventure. Watch sea lions dance and do some tricks in their Sea Lion Show. See how great the dolphins are above and under the sea. Not contented of just watching them from afar? Worry no more! You are allowed to feed the friendly mammals; play with them in the water; and even swim with them if you like.

The Perfect Escape Under The Subic Sun!

Two Hot Spots, 5-minute Walk Locations:
The Perfect Escape Under the Subic Sun!

A perfect escape, right at the heart of Subic Bay can you find Camayan Beach Resort and Ocean Adventure.  These two hot spots are right beside each other. 

After going to Ocean Adventure, families and barkadas will just have to walk out of the gates of Ocean Adventure and there it is, a beautiful beach resort that offers a nice view of the sunset. 

Just 2 hours away from Manila, along the way I find myself bespectacled by the greening views of rice fields and rural setting of Bulacan and Pampanga, and upon reaching Bataan and Zambales, the scenes greeted me with their majestic and towering mountain ranges.

Ocean Adventure is a themed-park in Subic featuring a roster of sea animals show, wonderful collections of the aquatic life located at the coastline of Subic Bay in Subic, Zambales.
While many have came to experience the adventure since Ocean Adventure has started, until now, there are a number of irresistible reasons I found, why one should visit and re-visit the place!

Consider these:
1    Meet the Sea Lions Marine Patrol!
The Sea Lions are the newest members of the Ocean Adventure family! These guys are really talented and intelligent, in fact, they are better known as the Marine Patrols! They inform and teach the audience amazing facts about themselves and the many ways on how human beings could protect them and the environment.

2    Amaze yourself with the Dolphin Friends’ newest groove!
Long Ooohhhs and big Wows will be heard over and over again as Dolphins and Whales of the Dolphin Friends Show perform their groovy moves like walking on the surface of the water, jumping high and diving back again.
     Discover how a marine zoo turns into a theatrical zoo with sea animals part of the cast!
    Experience a scrumptious lunch at The Reefs in Camayan Beach Resort beside Ocean Adventure!
       Know more about the marine life and the Philippine Rainforests species at Ocean Adventure’s Learning Center!
      Watch how animal trainers become best friends of wild forest animals in the Walk on the Wild Side Show!
      Take action for the Environment and Know your Cause with Olongapo Jones! 

   Lost in the forest? Interact with the natives of Subic Zambales and Learn how to survive.  

Nothing beats an adventure filled summer outing especially if it involved hanging out either with your friends and your family while learning with so much amusement! Hence, let me tell you how we ended our Subic adventure as we went on in a perfect escape and walk through the white sand shore of Camayan Beach Resort.

Camayan Beach Resort and Hotels boast a world class yet affordable destination that satisfies one’s sense and refresh one’s spirit. I find Camayan Beach Resort a paradise in the midst of the hustling and bustling city of Olongapo.

Once I reached the resort, the soothing view of Subic Bay and the cosy ambience of Camayan Hotel melted my worries away and took me to the dream relaxation my body ached for. The first time I set my eyes on Subic, a wide smile flashed on my face for I knew that adventure beckoned me to indulge in the richness of Mother Nature that Subic is blessed with.

Since I can no longer resist the temptation of hitting the waters, after unpacking my things in my hotel suite, I immediately took a plunge in the waters of Subic Bay. The white sand kissing my feet and the soft waves seemed to massage my body.  Swimming was more than strokes and flips as it became oneness with nature. With every waves and splashes, unforgettable memories were embedded forever in my heart. Relaxing has never been this indulgent.

After tiring myself in the beach, I immediately looked for something to eat and voila! The Reef restaurant summoned me for a sumptuous feast. Located in the white sand shore of Camayan Resort, The Reef restaurant offers a wide range of Asian cuisine and all time Filipino favorites: sizzling sisig and mouth watering chopsuey and lots of rice. First bite made my grumbling stomach crave for more as an iced cold tea washed down the food to my innards.

The sun reaches the horizon when I found myself back to reality and I wondered what’s next: I stepped out of my room, my body craves for an activity and the first thing that popped out of my mind were—kayaking and deep sea diving! The trek towards the Ilinan bay with the kayak was a wonderful sight. The mangroves neatly in lined on the fish pen paddies and the flying birds added attraction and excitement. The marine life of Subic Bay was once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The day ended and I needed to pack up and go back to Manila but Subic would always be welcoming me back to her arms.

My experience in Subic was truly a wonderful thrill I experienced. Indeed it was a perfect escape.             

Subic Lent Activities

Observing Lent in Subic: Safe and Activity-Filled

The Philippine Lenten season is one of the most sought-after time amongst every Filipinos.  This season reminds Filipinos of their spiritual responsibilities as they recall Jesus’ passion on the cross.  Many would go back to their own provinces and take time to be with their families.  They travel up north and far down south by plane, bus and ship just to be home at last. 

Meanwhile, many Filipinos also take this opportunity to visit places, tour the country and experience each region’s way of celebrating Lent.  More than an escape from the stressful work back in their respective offices, Filipinos travel to see different churches, bond with families through a variety of adventure activities and relive the culture that’s religious-bound.

One of the most rewarding places to be is in Subic, Philippines.  The Subic Bay Freeport is considered the heart of Subic where most tourist frequent.  This is because lent in Subic is filled with lined-up week-long programs intended for local and foreign visitors coming over the Holy Week. 

Every year the authorities of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone come up with activities to make the tourists’ visit to Subic worthwhile and they have been successful at maintaining visitors’ interest to visit Subic. 

However, this year, the authorities doubled their effort as they have anticipated a very large number of visitors come April.

New and modern activities are integrated with traditional programs

For instance, this year according to the reports, the Greater Subic Bay Tourism Bureau (GSBTB), is conducting a trade fair for different concessionaires of Central Luzon products from April 4 to 8, Holy Wednesday to Easter Sunday.

Plus an acoustic night will be staged on April 4 and 5, and “Hataw Sayaw” dance competition on Black Saturday, April 7.

Blessing of the Palms on April 1 is opening the kick-off activity that will be followed by the traditional “Pabasa” at the Subic Chapel that will run until April 7.

A grand procession will be staged around the Central Business District of the free port on Holy Wednesday, and a re-dramatization of the “Last Supper” followed by a mass is happening on the 5th of April.

Lenten rites of the Walk to Calvary, the Stations of the Cross, and Veneration of the Cross are the other traditional activities frequently participated by devotees in Subic.

Further, Good Friday in Subic also has grand procession and a “healing concert” by the Bethesda Springs of Hope Healing Ministry.  Black Saturday features a “Healing through the Way of the Cross Meditation,” and the Paschal Mystery plus a Black Saturday concert at Subic’s Boardwalk Park.

The traditional “Salubong” and Easter Mass end the whole Holy Week observance.  Children also get to participate in the Holy Week observance as egg-hunting activity and release of Easter banners and balloons will be shared with them. 

While all these activities are happening, visitors are assured that their safety is being prioritized as information and emergency booths prepared by groups of authorities in Subic make it appoint that the visitors’ stay in Subic would be peaceful just as they have always maintained years ago.

A Second Look At Subic

At the mention of Subic, a handful of tourist destinations come to mind.   Zoobic's unique safari appeal is one of the popular destination.  Ocean adventure is another sight that provide some interesting must-see featuring whales, dolphins and sea lions.

Subic Vacation Rental Unit: Floor Plan

Our vacation rental unit is an ideal place for groups of 6-10 individuals.  It offers a more affordable option than

Sulit sa Init Summer Promo!

The year just ended and we now welcome 2010.  Gymrats now fill up every space in the gym to drop the unwanted weight gained in celebrating the long Christmas break.  But more important than that, they are preparing their bikini bodies for the summer and they have 3 months of long and hard work just achieve the perfect summer look.


Following is an article from Victor Agustin of Manila Standard Today.

This rumor has been circulating around for quite some time.  It has been circulating around town that Ayala is well underway of constructing their mall inside Subic Bay.  When news of this got around, everyone thought SM was the first to get a crack at Subic.  There have been some unverified information that SM is negotiating for a presence within the SBMA. - Official Website